Merry Christmas! Wow I can't believe it is December already! First of all - Happy Birthday Jarod!!!! Jarod turned the big 4 on Saturday December 6th. I took him, Sara, Dylan and Kasey Crawford to Golf-N-Stuff and we played a round of golf, played some video games and they rode the bumper cars. Jarod got a hole in one on hole #6 on december 6th - pretty lucky. When the Crawfords left Jarod and I (mom) and Grandma Carrileen and Sara drove the indy cars. I have not laughed that hard in I don't know how long. So needless to say Jarod had a good day. Jarod's Christmas progam at school is coming up on Tuesday December 16th so he has been singing his songs to us so he can practice.

Sara got to go in a Limo to Chuck E Cheese on December 3rd for selling cheesecake at school. Her Christmas program is also on Tuesday December 16th - what a bummer. Sara's appointment has been cancelled again by the orthopedic doctor for her 6 week check-up to see if she is using her arm. They rescheduled her for January 9th which would make it 12 weeks since she got her cast off. She still favors her arm in other words does not use it so our family doctor suggested that I transfer her records to him and he is going to send her to therapy.

Happy Birthday to Chip! He is turning 41 on Friday December 12th. We have been lucky that he is still working pretty much everyday and that I to have a job (or two). That is definately something to be thankful for this year.

Last but not least, on Friday December 12th I lost my best friend to old age. Keila (my queensland healer) was 13 years old and started to not eat. That was going on for about two weeks so I finally took her to the vet and as we were walking in she had a seizure and wouldn't come out of it. That in turn made it easier to do what I had to do and put her down. She will forever be a wonderful memory in my life and my kids. Keila is now in heaven riding in the back of trucks, jumping fences and running through fields of flowers. Rest in peace Keila and remember your family loves you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy 4th Birthday Jarod